November 2nd, 2016

This concept map shows my thought process of learning in the course of History 1120. I started off with the general topic of “History 1120”, then branched off from there of the main topics we discussed in class, then further branched off from there. In the end, everything connected to each aspect in this course, making it evident that all History is related in some way, even though it may not be explicitly shown, stated, or to our common knowledge in the beginning.

Many of the ideas on this concept map showcase my topics of interest in History, as well as my interpretations of the course material and how it all relates to one another. For example, on the left side of the page it deals with the interpretations, and higher thinking ideas of others. “History 1120” branches off into “Reading Logs” and “Seminars”, and from there, it branches off into many different ideas within these broad topics. These ideas include: our interpretations, different interpretations, background knowledge, other topics within this topic, articles from the past, discussions, think outside the box, and think like a historian. However, if you draw your attention to the right side, you see more of the facts and information aspect of History  This is evidence that supports my learning throughout this course, as well as supports my main argument of the portfolio, that History is not all about facts and information, but also the interpretations of others; and these interpretations that I have are showcased throughout my reading logs, as well as other reflections I have done throughout the course.