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Reflections On the Past

Reading Log: The Road to Confederation

Reading Log #10 The main arguments of these readings are the views for and against Confederation in this time. These articles were written to show the reader different views people in different parts of Canada had when the idea of… Continue Reading →

Reading Log: The Acadians

Reading Log #5 In Naomi Griffiths’ article “Acadian Identity: The Creation and Re-creation of Community”, Naomi discussions the creation, deportation, and then the re-creation of the Acadian population. In addition to this, the CBC website “The Acadians” gives us more… Continue Reading →

Reading Log: The Beothuk

Reading Log #3 The main argument of the articles by Donald H., Holly Jr., and Ralph Pastore is the gradual extinction of the Beothuk population due to contact and invasion by the European in their native land of Newfoundland. These… Continue Reading →

Reading Log: Canada’s First Peoples and Christian Missions

Reading Log #2 In “‘We Are Well As We Are’: An Indian Critique of Seventeenth-Century Christian Missions” by James P. Ronda, Ronda presents the issue of Christian missionary work in Native American life and the effects it brought to them…. Continue Reading →

End of Term Reflection: What is History and how do we do it?

What is history and how do we do it? History is the study of past events that have contributed to the overall development of the present and then contributes to the future. We do history by looking at past events… Continue Reading →

Start of Term Reflection: What is History and how do you do it?

History is the study of past events that have made an impact in many ways on the world, in different countries, to ourselves, etc. You do history by learning about past events and connect them with other things in the… Continue Reading →

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