Throughout this course I experienced a wide variety of topics in our lectures, seminar discussions, readings, and other research we did on our own. Many of these topics were very interesting to me and I enjoyed learning more about them. In the start of the course I felt like I came in very narrow minded, I knew what I knew and I was just going to learn more of the facts and information in the Pre-Confederation era and that was it. I thought it was going to be the basic factual History course, however, I was wrong. This course forced me to think historically and bring in my interpretations of the facts and information that we were given through the various activities we did in class; weekly reading logs and seminar discussions. In addition to this, the course increased my knowledge of Pre-Confederation Canadian History, as well as allowed me to link these past events to topics that happened in the Post-Confederation era and as it progressed to present time Canada. By the end of the course I came out with a more broad view of the subjects we covered and was able to start thinking like a historian by looking not only at the facts and information, but also the interpretations of others.