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Research Project

Research Sources

These sources not only helped me to formulate my primary document analysis essay and my research paper, but they also increased my knowledge in my topic of interest. In addition to this, these sources opened my eyes to different matters… Continue Reading →

Research Paper: A Jesuit Relation Among the Hurons

Preface: The reason why I chose to include my research paper into my ePortfolio was because it showcased my further learning in this course. This paper incorporates some of the ideas and interpretations of my primary document analysis essay, however,… Continue Reading →

Primary Document Analysis Essay: A Jesuit Relation Among the Hurons in 1635

Preface: The reasons why I decided to incorporate my primary document analysis essay into my ePortfolio was because it showcases some of my learning throughout this course, as well as is evidence to support my main argument of this ePortfolio. This essay displays my… Continue Reading →

My Research Topic of Choice

When going though all the optional research topics on the course outline, I found many topics that seemed interesting. The topic I had originally planned on doing was “Medicine and Epidemics” and I was going to discuss the small pox epidemic and… Continue Reading →

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