We Do Not Know His Name- Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War (The Great Canadian Mystery):


I found this website very interesting because it deals with a mystery in Canadian History. The website gives you all the facts and information regarding this mystery, however, because it is a mystery, you have to use your interpretations to “solve it” or at least come to a conclusion who the killer was.


Canada Broadcasting Corporation (CBC):


This website has a variety of resources such as articles, short video clips, documentaries, testimonies, pictures, and more. This website not only includes past issues and topics of discussion in Canadian History, but also has newer topics being discussed nowadays, as well as issues that were examined in the past but are being revisited again.


Indigenous or Aboriginal: Which is Correct? (CBC Website):


I found this website with the article interesting because it deals with a controversial issue that is going on right now, which also relates to topics we have discussed in class. In addition to this, this article’s topic is something I find very interesting and like to know more about as I further pursue my career in History.


Library and Archives Canada:


This website is interesting because it gives you information about certain topics in Canadian History in different forms, such as documents, pictures, and videos to help you increase your knowledge on the subject.


The Archives of Ontario:


This website gives information about various topics in Canadian History that can further increase our knowledge by using different resources.


Online Book:

Canadian History: Pre-Confederation by John D. Belshaw

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This online book is very educational and documents important times in the Canadian Pre-Confederation era.